Dandruff Decoded

How to Shake the weight of the flake

Head & Shoulders has uncovered the devastating hidden impacts of flakes and reveals the holistic solution to Shake the Weight of the Flake with their new research study, Dandruff Decoded. As the most comprehensive study of its kind, it looks into the psychological and social impacts dandruff has on severe and moderate sufferers.

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Many may assume dandruff is just an irritating minor issue resulting in pesky white flakes combined with a ‘bit of an itchy scalp’. Well, not anymore. We have decoded dandruff to expose the ongoing, life altering, disorder that effects sufferers with moderate to severe dandruff, revealing the truth behind the weight that flakes are having on people’s head…and shoulders.

But, why?

There is a lot that happens in, on and around us that impacts dandruff and our scalp health. As the leading scalp experts, we are well versed in the impact of genes, habits, environments and even lifestyle can have on dandruff. But one key factor was missing - the psychosocial impact. How does the mind affect your scalp and, more importantly, how does your scalp affect your mind?

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We launched the most comprehensive and in-depth study ever conducted to bridge the gap in this knowledge, looking into how dandruff can have a real influence on our lives, from not wanting to attend social gatherings to increased feelings of acceptance and lack of self-confidence. This is known as psychodermatology - the part of dermatology that considers both the mind and the skin together.

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How Head & Shoulders

Decoded Dandruff

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The True Weight of the Flake